When a baby decides to come early


This is written by my good friend Kirstyn. I met Kirstyn at a baby massage course we both signed up for when our little ones were not long born and we have been meeting up for brews and the odd drink since. Her little girl is absolutely beautiful. Her and my little man Eddie get along very well, so well in fact that her daddy has already had a word with my little man about his intentions!! Bless him, he’s only 6 months old and he’s already a ladies man!!

Kirstyn’s little lady decided she had had enough and wanted to come and join the world five weeks early. Here is her story:


We had been trying to get pregnant for a year when we finally got the amazing news. I was 4 weeks pregnant when we found out which made that first trimester drag. I had a good pregnancy, we kept the gender a surprise, I put an overall total of 18lbs on and tiredness was my only symptom.

At 28 weeks I got signed off with pelvic girdle pain. I could hardly move. There was days my husband would have to put my shoes on, or helped me get dressed. The day when I had to ask him to help me out of the shower was the day I cried about it all. I’d had enough of being in constant pain. I just wanted the baby to come and kept telling everyone I was ready for the baby to make an appearance.

I was 35 weeks pregnant, it was a Saturday night and my husband had gone to a charity do (this was his last night out before the baby arrived) and that afternoon/evening I started with what I thought was braxton Hicks. Looking back I think, “how did you not know you was having proper contractions?”But this was my first baby and you don’t expect to go into labour 5 weeks early! My husband returned home at 1am, absolutely leathered! And for the next hour I paced up and down the hallway trying to deal with the pain I was in.

At 2am I went to the toilet and noticed a little blood loss. I phoned the hospital and they told me to come in straight away. I went up to wake my husband up and ended up on all 4s on the bed crying my eyes out. He asked what was wrong and was getting annoyed because I wouldn’t tell him. I was in that much pain I couldn’t physically speak. Once the pain passed I got dressed and we waited for his sister to come and pick us up.

We got to the hospital at 3am and there was a midwife waiting for us, she took us into a bay and started examining me straight away. I was 4cm dilated! I was scared but didn’t want to let on to my husband. We had to wait for a midwife from the delivery suite to come down to collect me. I think at that point I was more upset I couldn’t have my water birth or have the baby in a birthing suit, silly I know!

By half 3 I was in the delivery suit. I had to have a steroid k injection to help with the baby’s lungs and a morphine injection which made me be sick quite a few times. My first midwife I couldn’t take to. She never spoke to us, would just come in, check the monitor and leave. Her shift finished and at 8.30am I had another midwife. I was quite mad and turned round to the midwife and asked what her name was as the other midwife didn’t have the decency to introduce her to me. My husband went for breakfast at half 9 and I ended up with a doctor come in telling me I could do to wait another 3 weeks before I had the baby and that they might send me home as they thought I had a water infection. I was not under any circumstances going home and that got made clear. But all they kept saying was your still 4cm and you’ve not had a show yet. I was just getting really fed up at this point.

At 10am by husband was back snoring away in the chair, which pissed me off! And for that next hour my contractions were coming quicker and faster. At 11am I told my husband I needed the toilet and as I was getting up, told him I thought I had weed myself. When I got up off the bed he told me not to panic. There was blood all over the bed, the floor and it was just running down my legs. I went to the toilet and told him to grab the midwife. As soon as she came in and saw all the blood she told me I wasn’t going anywhere! She was beside herself then, she just kept saying over and over, “I can’t believe I was going to send you home!” She examined me at 11.15 and I was 8-9cm. That was when it all began.

I ended up with another midwife coming in and a doctor, they wanted to keep a close eye on me with being early. They told me I was past the point of an epidural which I wasn’t bothered about, (i have a phobia of needles.)But the gas and air never left my hand. At 1pm my waters still hadn’t gone, so they gave me a local anaesthetic injection and popped my waters. Half an hour after that I had the urge to push. At this point a neonatal doctor sat in the corner as she would have to check the baby straight away. After a lot of pushing Grace finally arrived at 2.43pm weighing a tiny 4lb 13.5oz. When they told us she was a girl I was really shocked as we was both convinced we were having a boy. We was over the moon and my husband just burst into tears. She didn’t have to go onto the neonatal ward which we was really pleased with. My husband gave her the first bottle as I got second degree tears so they wanted to stitch me up. I was that out of it I kept hitting myself in the face with the gas and air as I kept falling asleep.

After a few hours we got taken down to the maternity ward which was our new home for 72hours. Grace had to have her glucose levels checked after every bottle which they stopped doing after 12 hours and her heated pad got turned off after 24 hours. She was just under the line for jaundice so they kept checking her levels for that every 12 hours. At 3am on Wednesday morning they did the last test and told me at 6am she was clear and had no jaundice so that day we could go home. I was so happy. Being stuck on a ward for 3 days is draining but I’m so thankful the midwives I had on that ward were just simply amazing.

Looking at Grace now you wouldn’t think she was a premature baby, she’s a healthy, nearly 7 month who loves her milk and food. Having a baby can test any relationship but you just need to work at it. Times can be hard, especially when your both tired. But when you look at your baby who lies there smiling at you, you know you wouldn’t change anything about your life. It’s true what they say, you don’t know real love is until you’ve had a baby!! I just can’t wait to see my little girl grow up into the amazing lady I know she’s going to be. ❤️❤️❤️

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