Dad zone


When I made the decision to start this page, I was quite focused on the mothering side of things (as you can probably tell by the name of the site). Then it occurred to me, what about the dads? So I did a little research. I spent some time looking on search engines and social media for a dad friendly group or page. Very little came up. I happen to be a member of a social media group about being a first time mum and I asked the admins if it was OK for men to join the group. I was very quickly answered with a simple “no”. It was explained to me that this group was for mummies only. Hmmm OK. So where do dads go for support, advice and to just have a chat with other dads??

I had a little chat with Mr Ormerod while writing this. I asked him if he had ever looked for these things on the internet. His reply was “no”. He felt that if he wanted any advice he would rather go to trusted friends and family. He told me he would be unsure about trusting advice that came from somebody who he couldn’t see face to face. Maybe men just didn’t really want this? Maybe it just wasn’t their thing?

So back to thinking. I did a little more research and asked some other dads what their thoughts were. I got a pretty positive response about my idea to have a dad zone on the site. A few comments of “it would be nice to just know other dads had the same feelings I had” and “it’s nice to get a male opinion on something rather than asking the girls all of the time”. Fair enough!

Here we are. The dad zone. What will be the content of this category? Who knows? I guess whatever the guys want. Experience of being a first time dad? Their experience of labour? How they felt when they found out they were going to be a dad? Being a dad to more than one child?

This area will be updated regularly and I have a few ideas myself that I will work on. Just like the main blog page there will be guest bloggers too so please keep checking! Ladies if you feel your man would be interested, please tell them about this page!!


Lots of love

Mrs Ormerod




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