Finding out I was pregnant

Don’t worry not all of these posts are going to be all me me me, and boring. I just thought I would let you know a few more things about my experience as a first time mum, including my pregnancy and my labour and birth (that ones a corker).

So I already talked about how we decided we were ready to try for our own family. Now came the fun part!

I had been on the contraceptive pill for quite a while so wasn’t really expecting anything to happen too soon. I stopped taking my pill and went for a check up with the practice nurse to make sure I was fit and healthy and to discuss if there was anything fancy I needed to do to help my chances of getting pregnant. The usual was said, healthy diet and exercise etc etc, and to start taking folic acid. I downloaded an app on my phone to figure out if and when I was back into a regular cycle. I always said when the time came I wasn’t going to become obsessed and take ovulation tests. It was going to be a nice relaxed time and it was going to happen when it happened. HA!!! lies, all lies. I decided to get some ovulation tests (see lies) and convinced myself I was only doing it to see if i was actually ovulating (lies again). I pee’d on the thing and a big old smiley face pinged up at me. Oooo excellent, it’s time! Mr Ormerod where are you???

About a week later we were walking around a wall paper shop (yawn I know). I felt a bit funny and almost like I had eaten something a bit off. Not sick but definitely not well . I wondered if it this was one of the weird feelings women talk about when they “just knew” they were pregnant. I bought an early pregnancy test and took it that night, negative. Hmm oh well its still very early, I’ll wait until next week. A few days later, massive bloated belly. Jeeze what on earth have I eaten? I feel really strange. Like my body is tingling all over. Early pregnancy test again, negative. Hmmm I must be coming down with something.

So the day came where I could take a test and it would be around 99.9% accurate. The same day my friend was coming to microblade my eye brows. Mr Ormerod was at work and wouldn’t be home until around 7:30pm. I had a spare test so off I went for a piddle. I waited the obligatory three minutes and I had a peep. Is that a line? its sooooo faint I’m not sure if it is actually there or if I’m imagining it because I want it to be there. I walk away for a few moments and look with a “fresh pair of eyes”. Its the bloody same! I can’t tell! Knock on the door. Eye brow time, this will have to wait.

I’m laying on the bed/table thing having my brows done (my god it hurt, plus for some reason when she did my left brown my left leg kept twitching!!) I then suddenly think, erm if I am pregnant should I be having this done? could it cause problems? PANICK!!!! So I ask in what I think is just a “I’m only asking for a friend” voice. “oh my god your pregnant aren’t you?” is the reply I got. I explain that I don’t know and show her the test. She can’t tell either. She tells me to go and buy a digital test that will literally spell it out for me. Have I got time before Mr Ormerod is home? it’s now 7:20pm he will literally be home any second. I race out to the car and set off, who drives around the corner? Mr Ormerod, sticking his head out of his window asking where I am going. “We need loo roll” I shout as I drive past (I wasn’t lying we actually did). Off to buy my test (and loo roll).

For some reason I felt a bit naughty when I was buying it. It probably doesn’t help that I only look about 12. So I buy it and off home I went. Run through the door “I need a wee” I shout as I run into the bathroom. Oh my gosh this is it, I am going to find out if a little human is growing inside me. How do I feel? what if its negative? How much do I actually want this? I pee on the stick and I hide it in my sock drawer. “Three minutes later” (said in a French voice, yes too much spongebob but my little man loves it). I slowly open the draw, my heart is literally pounding, I feel sick. There it is in all its written glory PREGNANT 1-2 !!!! I cant move. Everything is different. Oh my god we are going to have a baby. How should I tell Mr Ormerod??? Do I do it like they do on youtube? Nah I’m way to excited. I walk downstairs and I tell Mr Ormerod that he is going to have to help me around the house more. He looks at me, insulted. I then show him the pee stick. “I’m pregnant” I say looking at him, a little scared of how he will react. After all we didn’t expect to be so lucky and for it to happen on our first try. He hugs me, smiling and asking “really??” “yes really” I say.


My pee sticks, I thought you might like to see them. Looking at the top one now it doesn’t seem as faint!

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