My Pregnancy

Long blog warning!!!!

Ok so I left the last blog at how I found out I was pregnant. So this is the little bit about my pregnancy. Pregnancy is over 9 months long so this is a little long.

First of all I am just going to put it out there. Yes I know I was extremely lucky to get pregnant so quickly, let alone to be blessed enough to even get pregnant and I have the upmost sympathy and respect for all of those ladies out there who have been trying for a long time and would give anything for the privilege.

I hated being pregnant. Not all the time but a lot of it. I found out I was pregnant very early. I found it so hard to keep it a secret as I am not one for keeping quiet as many of my friends will agree. The only early symptoms I had was just feeling a bit “off”. Brilliant I thought! I must have missed out on the morning sickness and extreme tiredness everybody talks about. I pranced around with my slightly bloated belly, feeling a little smug that I had this beautiful secret that only me and Mr Ormerod knew about. We told our close family and decided we would tell others after our scan. It would be so easy to hide it after all as I was feeling great. The only other person I told was my boss at work as there were some things related to my job that I wouldn’t be able to do.

I woke up one morning when I was 9 weeks pregnant. I had just finished work for a lovely week off. I was looking forward to relaxing and not doing much else. I was brushing my teeth and all of a sudden I felt a wave of nausea. Wretching as I finished cleaning my teeth, I giggled to myself “oh hello nausea” now I felt like a real pregnant lady. I went downstairs and told Mr Ormerod about what happened and that it had passed. If this is what my morning sickness was going to be like then that’s fine. Oh good god little did I know what was about to hit me!

Sat in the living room watching TV the nausea returned “Oh it will pass” I told myself. I had a glass of water. The water hit my stomach “oh god get out of the way” I shouted to Mr Ormerod as I ran upstairs. The next few hours the toilet was my best friend.

The next morning I woke up and felt much better. I lead in my bed and slowly woke up. I sat up in bed “oh god no” I ran to the bathroom again. Again the toilet was my best friend for the day. This carried on for a while. What a way to spend my week off work. It did ease the next day. I wondered downstairs looking like a pale, dehydrated witch. Mr Ormerod was cleaning the kitchen with my favourite menthol scented cleaner. I have never smelt something so horrendous in all my life!!! This smell mixed in with all of my vanilla scented plug in air fresheners ( I had them all over the house, I like nice smells) made me feel so sick i only just made it back up stairs. While I felt I was turning inside out, Mr Ormerod went around unplugging all the air fresheners and tried to find something to cover up the menthol smell. All windows were now open!

This went on for the rest of the week. Constantly vomiting at the slightest thing, constant nausea, unable to eat or drink. My mum came to see me, she looked at me and said “we need to get you to the Dr”. We contacted the out of hours GP (it was a Saturday) and they asked me to go to the nearest primary care. I got checked over all was well. The lovely Dr explained to me that 9 weeks was a very common time for women to get morning sickness. She gave me some magic pills by the name of cyclizine (oh how I loved them) and off home I went. One joy of cyclizine is that it makes me sleepy so I managed to get some rest too.

A week later and Apart from the odd bout of nausea, controlled with the magic pills, I felt much better. I went back to work but with how I felt and the fact I couldn’t do certain medical things I told the girls at work I was expecting. They were all over the moon for me. They looked after me as best as they could during one of the hardest times, particularly as we had staff shortages due to sickness and winter pressures.

It’s October, I’m 11 weeks pregnant and getting on a flight to New York. It’s my 30th and we had booked this before we tried for a family. I feel really well, I have a small bump (I started showing very early) and I am so excited to go, I absolutely love New York. We get to our hotel drama free, throw our stuff in the room and head out for something to eat. I am starving! We enjoy our first night and day doing the typical tourist things. We go to the Museum of Natural History, walk around Central Park and walk down 5th Ave, where I accidentally walk into Tiffany and buy a pair of earrings (its my 30th!!!) . I have never felt so exhausted in my life. I’m frustrated. I can normally walk all day and enjoy myself, but I have to remember I am growing an actual human inside me. We head back to the hotel, have a nap, get some dinner then sleep. Our last full day in NYC is spent at the Intrepid museum. Mr Ormerod really wanted to go the last time we were in NYC but we just didn’t get the time. I do not feel good. I have that “off” feeling again. Oh well lets just get on with the day and enjoy it. We enjoy our day (as best as I can) and hail a cab to take us back. We are sat in traffic. I’m not sure I can handle this. I feel nausea again. We decide to get out and walk the rest of the way. We get in, I lay down “ugh god off I run to the loo. Our last night in NYC is spent with me with my head down the loo.

Home time. We manage to have a wonder around Times Square before we head to the airport. I feel better but not fantastic. We check in for our flight and I look at the queue for security, It’s snaking around the terminal, great. We eventually get to our gate and I feel like I am about to pass out. Typically our gate is the only one with no chairs to sit on!!! sod it. I lay on the floor. I feel so ill. I take a magic pill and after half an hour start to feel better. Its time to board the plane. I eat the meal they give us and sleep the whole way home.

That seemed to be the last of my sickness. I am now 12 weeks pregnant and me and Mr Ormerod are sat waiting with pure excitement for our first scan. Our first view of this little baked bean inside me. A little nervous at the same time. I didn’t have any symptoms now, what if that meant something bad had happened? A lady came out of the room in tears, escorted by a member of staff. My heart ached for her. What had happened? Was that going to be me? My name is called and we go in. I lay on the bed and feel the cold jelly on my belly. My heart is pounding. The screen is facing the other way so I can’t see it. I am convinced something bad has happened. I look at Mr Ormerod. He is smiling. I look back and the screen is facing me. There he is, so small and fragile. His little heartbeat fluttering away. He’s OK!! I let out a long, slow breath and relax. Everything is looking good. I am beaming! I have never seen Mr Ormerod look so happy.

Its now December and time for my 20 week scan. I can now feel my baby move around and I’m feeling good. We get called in, Jelly on the belly and away we go! there he is again, this time he is being a bit naughty. He wont get into the correct position for his checks. We spend an hour in the room. I am tossed and turned in all sorts of positions but finally he lets the lady see. She asks if we want to know the sex. We decide no we want to wait. I tell her not to ask me again in case I cave and say yes! All is well with baby Ormerod. He’s getting big now!

It’s Christmas, I’m not having to work and we spend the morning at Mr Ormerod’s parents and the evening at my parents. I have been feeling well most of the time, just some tiredness, mainly work related but the girls continue to look after me. Christmas is my favourite time of year and I was so excited that we would soon have our little one to celebrate with. I enjoy my Christmas day very much (even though I spent the day complaining I couldn’t have paté) and head home. Its gone midnight and I am very tired so head to bed. Half an hour later I feel very bloated and like I have eaten too much. I take an ant-acid and try and sleep. I wake up a bit later on and I’m making best friends with the toilet again, but this time it’s different. I feel extremely unwell. I am up every hour being sick (and other things). The morning comes and I ring my mum and tell her what’s been going on. She asks me “have you felt the baby move?” I think back and I honestly can’t remember. I panic and I sit willing baby to move. Nothing. Oh my god. We wring the maternity triage and they ask me to come in. This was not a nice experience. It was boxing day, I was sat in a stuffy little room with other pregnant women. The nurse in me was concerned about infection control, amongst other things. I waited for almost 3 hours to be seen! I was so ill and I was angry. I almost passed out. Finally I was called to be seen. I could hardly talk. They did some tests and listened in to baby. Heartbeat was perfect. Brilliant, can I go home now? The short answer was “no”. I was so dehydrated my kidneys were effected. I had to have some fluids. They stuck a needle in me and set me up with a drip. They also gave me the magic pill in drip form. Lord above it was like putting razor blades down my veins. Literally 30 seconds later I was like a drunk little old lady and fell asleep. I have no idea how long i was in there for, but after 2 bags of fluids and more tests they let me go home. I felt like I had been hit by a truck.

The rest of my pregnancy was pretty much OK. I plodded on at work but it was very difficult. I was huge. I am only 5’1 so struggled. I had to be assisted off the floor by one of my patients husband after bandaging her legs because I couldn’t get up. He was 90. I also ended up doing CPR on a lady when I was 7 months pregnant. It was very traumatic for me and I still think about it often. This was unavoidable as I was the only person in the room with her at the time. Work got harder and harder and my hips and front were in agony. I spoke to the midwife about it. She told me it sounded like Symphasis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD for short). What the hell is that when its at home? She explained what it was and referred me to physio. I got seen at 34 weeks pregnant. I was finishing for mat leave at 36 weeks. I had my physio session and we had a chat. The advice was that I should stop working now. It was only going to get worse with my job. I cried. I cried because we were so busy at work. I felt like I was letting my girls down. I cried because this wasn’t the plan (I am an absolute control freak). So I went to work the next day and told my boss through my sobs. She was brilliant. They all were. Today was going to be my last day. They gave me a more simple list of patients to see and sent a lovely student nurse with me to help me. I came back to the office for my lunch and was ambushed by them all with hugs, flowers and chocolate. I completed my jobs and was told to go home. I felt lost. What am i going to do for the next 6 weeks? I got home and Mr Ormerod saw how I felt. I didn’t feel like I had finished for mat leave. I didn’t feel the excitement. He took me out for a meal to cheer me up.

The time up to my due date was a drag. I couldn’t do much. I spent a lot of time with family and trying to clean when I wasn’t in pain (which wasn’t often). I batch cooked meals for the freezer for when baby arrived. Then the heat wave came. Oh how lovely to feel the sun. I would go for little walks (waddles) with my brother who would laugh at me when I needed to sit down or got a stitch. Then it got so hot I was sweating in places I didn’t know you could! I couldn’t sleep at night, I was uncomfortable now. I had a mountain of pillows in the bed, so many that Mr Ormerod was sleeping in the spare bedroom! My favourite pillow was Steve. He was a long maternity pillow and he was my snuggle buddy ( I still have him).

My due date has been and gone. Still no baby. I am sick of the phone calls and texts “is baby here?” Yes Betty I had the baby last week I just haven’t told anybody. I am sporting this massive bump for fun!! Messages from friends, family and people who have never bothered to ask me how I am through my entire pregnancy. At least people care to ask right? I go to the midwife. She offers me a sweep. Sure why not. Oh this is awkward. I am on the bed/table thing with a teeny piece of blue roll to cover me. I am having a nice chat about this lovely weather we are having while she is lubing up. Shit I just made eye contact. Look away!!! How many tiles on the ceiling? “OK i’m going to try now” I hear as I am up to number 5. I carry on counting 6, 7, ouch what the fuck are you doing? Oh good god get off me!! I try controlled breathing as I can feel her knuckles in places I do not want to feel knuckles. Ahh sweet relief as she removes things from places! Ooo I’ve had a sweep so It could happen tonight!! “I’m sorry I cant do it because your cervix is still fully closed” she tells me with a sympathetic face. I like this midwife. I have seen her for all of my appointments and she knows how frustrated I am. I think she feels frustrated for me. She books me in for another a few days later, this time its a different midwife who I have never met. She hurt me. She was so rough. Same result as last time. I am destined to be pregnant forever I say, holding back tears. Another sweep booked in. My last one. I have been booked in on the Friday and I have an induction booked for the Sunday. I see my regular midwife again. For some reason I feel much more calm today. Maybe because I know I have an end in site with my induction. She examines me. No pain or discomfort. She is doing some jiggery pokery down there then says “right your done. You are 1cm and I have done your sweep”. Wow, holy shit this is happening. I say my goodbyes to her. Its a little emotional for me as I know that’s the last time I will have an antenatal appointment. I thank her for everything she has done and we go home.

Maybe I was much calmer that day because I was going into labour that night……

So this was quite a long blog. I apologise and hope you didn’t lose interest. Like I say, pregnancy is over 9 months long. My labour felt even longer! I will blog this next time.

Love to you all, especially Mr Ormerod, Danielle my community midwife, my friends, family and the girls at work.

Love Mrs Ormerod


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