We have had a busy few days so I have been a little quiet on here. It was my little mans Christening on Sunday and we did all the food (for 90 people) etc ourselves so Saturday was all about food (if I see another sausage roll it will be too soon). He got lots of lovely gifts too!! This blog isn’t on a particular topic, more just an update on life in general.
I felt like the worst mum in the world today. Eddie is sitting up on his own now but he still has little wobbles if he reaches too far for something. I sat him on the floor to play with his toys and I went out of the room for literally 2 seconds. Of course in those 2 seconds he fell to the side and he bumped his head. I heard his cry and ran back into the room, where I found him laying on the floor. My heart was in my throat as I picked him up and checked him over ( I had images of cuts and blood everywhere). There was a little red mark on the side of his head. I was devastated. How the hell could I have been so stupid? I bet no other parent leaves there 6 month old like that. So I put it on my social media group (tired.mums – feel free to join on facebook) expecting the perfect parent brigade to judge me but looking for comfort and reassurance. I got no judgement at all!! Just lots of other lovely parents telling me about their incidents. Thank god I am not the only one!!! He is of course fine and happy and smiling again, my heart is still going 100mph 8 hours later!
We have another little celebration to add to our weekend. Eddies first tooth has come through! His bottom front one. We discovered this after he was playing with his granddad and he bit his leg!! This wasn’t because he was being naughty, more because his gums were really irritating him and he just needed a chomp on something. He has been showing signs of teething since he was 11 weeks old so we are glad something has finally come through. He has coped really well with it all, mostly a lot of dribble!! I am sure I can see the one next to it coming through too, but every time I try and check he sticks his tongue out so I cant see!
We are having a quiet day today. Eddie is being very clingy, a mix of a sore head and sore gums I think. He cries when he isn’t sat next to me, which really isn’t like him. We had a game of peek a boo and read some books, sorted out all of his clothes as he is now in the next size up and spent the rest of the day watching Christmas movies. Tomorrow we are going to a play centre to meet my friend and her little girl for a play and a catch up.
We have a few blogs in the pipeline. I am currently writing one on men with post natal depression. I have been working on it since last week. I am not rushing it because I want to get it right! I want to encourage men to speak up about this topic so I am taking my time. We also have our first daddy blogger preparing something for us about his experience as a first time dad and it being an unplanned pregnancy. I am thinking I will do a bit of a “day in the life” blog and I have had a few of my pregnant friends ask me for lists of what baby items I would recommend and what to pack in their hospital bag so I will try and get these done in the next week. Also more recipes to come too!!
So Just a quick update and to let you know I haven’t disappeared into thin air!
Love to you all
Mrs Ormerod

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